Ana batik artisan


Ana is the proud mother of two children, and is the inspiration behind the story of Batik Boutique.  Our first products together were an apron and a coaster set.  Since our beginning, Ana has appeared on a national television morning show teaching thousands of viewers how they can sew their own apron. Her two children are now grown up and working on their own while Ana cares for her elderly mother.  She is a great example of how the Batik Boutique empowers women to provide for their families.

Noor Artisan


As a mother of seven, Noor is absolutely amazing at being a wife, mother, and leader for Batik Boutique. In a recent visit, Noor shared, “I dream of providing a better life for my children. Since working with the Batik Boutique, I am able to help my husband in providing for our family.”

Kerisnama Batik Artisan


A skilled and details driven seamstress, Kerisnama perfects every stitch of the products she sews. She's a loving grandmother with an ever-growing number of grandkids. When she's not masterfully sewing for Batik Boutique, she loves to sew clothes for her family.

Zarina Batik Artisan


Zarina is our master quilter. She recently commented, “Thanks to Batik Boutique, I have been able to step out of my comfort zone. All of this has strengthened me to build my own business at a larger scale.” Zarina also recently published a quilting book in the Malay language, which features fabrics from Batik Boutique. More on her book here

Zana Artisan


Zana loves a challenge and is always ready to take on new designs and more work. While seven kids know her as "mom", we know her as a star seamstress who completes every new project she takes on at record speed. Zana loves honing her technical skills and is always ready to put them to use.

Munirah Artisan


We know when Munirah is at work because her contagious laughter can be heard in the corridor. With her great attitude, she became one of our fastest seamstresses. After working with us, she saved up enough for an emergency fund for the first time. Her goal this year is to get her motorcycle license and a motorcycle, which we aim to help her achieve. During her free time, she loves going on adventures with her two daughters around Kuala Lumpur.

Ana 2 Batik Artisan


With a natural gift for sewing, Ana began excelling in the craft of sewing immediately after training with us. In addition to refining her sewing techniques, she also has an eye for detail, which allows her to make beautiful products. When she's not behind the sewing machine, she is known for baking a delicious chocolate cake.



Zue has an eagerness to learn new sewing techniques and a determination to apply them. What makes Zue’s work stand out is her accuracy in making and attaching piping, which gives our homewares a polished finish. A mother of two with another one on the way, Zue’s bright personality is not only expressed through her colorful outfits, but also her big smile that she always brings to work.

Sumarni Artisan


Although small in size, Sumarni’s feisty attitude brings a lively atmosphere to work. She is excellent at crafting our smaller products such as bangles and Christmas ornaments, and has recently learned how to paint batik patterns. Sumarni is excellent in quality control, making sure everything is flawless before leaving the center.

Rohani artisan


Ani started out as a seamstress, but her love for children was apparent. In addition to the five children of her own, she has happily taken on the role of a full-time childcare provider. Ani takes care of the other seamstresses’ children while they work at the sewing center, empowering more women to earn sustainable income.

dayang artisan


Dayang is a cancer survivor and a single mother of five. Starting off with very little sewing experience, she has grown tremendously, and is able to sew for us skillfully and efficiently. With her experience as a chef, Dayang can also be found cooking amazing meals for banquets and receptions. On top of that, she is also an active member of her community and serves as a committee member for the public flats where she lives.

yatie artisan


As one of our newer artisans, Yatie brings strong work ethic and a quirky sense of humor to work. She has experience working in a law firm for a number of years, so she is used to working in a fast-paced environment and is consistently one of our top earners. When she’s not busy at the center, Yatie enjoys looking up new recipes and experimenting with ingredients.


Nurul is a widow and mother of 5. She served many years in the military in Malaysia. After her retirement, she continues to find ways to provide for her family and grow in her skills. We are in awe of how she manages to provide for several children who are studying and the upcoming wedding of her daughter, and we are thankful for her dedication, heart and skill.