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Batik Boutique began with a friendship between two mothers: Amy & Ana. Ana, a single mom, lived in the government-subsidized flats near Amy, our Founder, in Kuala Lumpur. What started as language lessons, turned to friendship, and sharing of personal struggles. Ana was struggling to support two kids on her own without full-time work, on top of mounting family expenses like medical care. She didn’t have anyone else to turn to. So that afternoon, they brainstormed how Ana could earn extra income. Amy drew from her experience working in tourism, where she noticed the gap in the market for quality Malaysian-made batik products, and together they decided Ana could sew batik gifts for others to purchase as gifts for friends and family.

Amy quickly learned of other Malaysian women that were struggling to feed their families. Some of their children would not go to school because they did not have enough food. As a mother herself, sher shared this burden. And understood what it was like to live from month to month, and to not always have enough because this is also how she grew up. A change was needed....

And Batik Boutique was born. What started as a small venture to help a friend and a few other women out of a house, has grown into a recognizable and sizeable brand aiming to disrupt the cycle of poverty for artisans all over the globe. By empowering these artisans through employment opportunities and sustainable income, along with providing services like childcare, financial planning, and goal setting, Batik Boutique aims to make day to day impacts for our beneficiaries. It’s not just our artisans, but their children, their spouses, their families.

Batik Boutique has become a brand that is truly making a difference. And one to be proud of. Though we’re far from through, we continue to strive toward making true and measurable social impact. Together, we can make a difference.

Batik Boutique's vision is to empower hundreds of artisans like Ana by offering them a fair and sustainable income producing beautiful, high quality fashion and gifts.